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Seminars and conferences

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission will organise or co-organise seminars and conferences in order to have discussions with and receive input from people and organizations outside the Commission. Some of these will be arranged in connection with meetings of the Commission and others will be arranged separately. The WMDC may also cooperate with organisers of seminars and conferences that are of interest for the Commission, without being organiser or co-organiser. 

Papers and reports published in connection with such conferences and seminars may also be posted at this website. The fact that the material is posted here does not in it self imply that the WMDC supports its content.


"Reaching Nuclear Disarmament: new challenges and possibilities"
A conference on new challenges and possibilities for nuclear disarmament in the current political environment. Focus will be on issues related to the NPT and also the work of the WMDC. Dr Blix will be a keynote speaker at the conference. 
Time: 25-27 February 2005
Venue: ABF Conference Centre, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm, Sweden
Organiser: The Swedish Network for Nuclear Disarmament
For more information see SPAS website

"Managing Nuclear Material Stockpiles in the 21st Century"
A conference highlighting the security challenges posed by the large stockpiles of fissile materials and proposing measures for the future.
Time: 3- 4 March 2005
Venue: Holmenkollen Park Hotel, Oslo, Norway
Organiser: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs in co-operation with the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, with support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a contribution to the WMDC

"Elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction: South Asian Perspectives"
A seminar offering Pakistani and Indian perspectives
Time: 14 March 2005
Venue: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
Organiser: Delhi Policy Group and WMDC

"Nuclear disarmament and deproliferation" 
A seminar examining a number of cases of governments which have refrained from acquiring nuclear weapons.
Time: April 7 2005
Venue: The House of the Estates, Helsinki, Finland
Organiser: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission

"Why Do States Abandon Nuclear Weapons Ambitions"
Workshop in conjunction with the NPT Review Conference
Time: 9 May 2005
Venue: United Nations, New York
Organiser: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland on behalf of the WMDC

"The United Nations Capacity for Monitoring Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Workshop in conjunction with the NPT Review Conference
Time: 10 May 2005
Venue: United Nations, New York
Organiser: Permanent Mission of New Zealand to the United Nations on behalf of the WMDC

"Iran Nuclear Workshop"
Seminar on Iranian Nuclear Capabilities and Motivations
Time: 14 June 2005
Venue: Arundel House, London, United Kingdom
Organiser: International Institute for Strategic Studies and Nixon Center on behalf of the WMDC




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