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Press release
16 December 2003
Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Hans Blix presented Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission

Unofficial translation

Today Dr Hans Blix, former executive chairman of UNMOVIC, presented the newly established Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, which he will head. The Commission is an initiative from the Swedish Government acting upon a UN proposal. It has been set up against a background of an increased risk of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to state and non-state actors, and where existing international agreements, although successful in some areas, have been unable to address this evolving threat effectively.

“My ambition for this commission is that we will be able to provide realistic and constructive ideas and proposals aimed at the greatest possible reduction of the dangers of weapons of mass destruction,” states Dr Blix.

“I am very pleased with the composition of the commission. Its members, both as a collective and individually, represent great knowledge and competence within this field and have extensive experience from, and insight into the politics concerning weapons of mass destruction,” says Dr Blix.

The Commission will work independently of governments and present its final report in late 2005.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission will consist of the following members:

Chairman of the Commission:
Dr Hans Blix, Sweden,

Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar, Indonesia
Dr Alexei G Arbatov, Russian Federation
Ambassador Marcos de Azambuja, Brazil
Director Alyson Bailes, United Kingdom
Dr Thérèse Delpech, France
Mr Jayantha Dhanapala, Sri Lanka
Director Gareth Evans, Australia
Director Patricia Lewis, Ireland
Professor William Perry, USA
General (ret.) Vasantha Raghavan, India
Ambassador Cheikh Sylla, Senegal
Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Jordan
General (ret.) Pan Zhenqiang, China

Henrik Salander
Ambassador, Secretary-General of the Commission
08-543 56 113

Maria Håkansson
Press Officer
08-405 15 82
0708-66 84 91

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