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This is what some of the Commissioners have to say about the work in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission and the result achieved -  the "Weapons of Terror" report.

Alexei G. Arbatov, Russia:

"... it provides unbiased and fair assessment of the complicated problems involved, strikes fine balance of analyzing technical, strategic, legal and political facets of the issues, elaborates a list of proposals which are radical and ambitious and at the same time - capable of surviving any aggressive professional scrutiny."  

Marcos de Azambuja, Brazil:

" The Report seeks to place problems and opportunities in perspective and to propose ways and means to discourage proliferation, to alert Governments and public opinion to nuclear, chemical and biological dangers that after the end of the Cold War remain quite real and perhaps harder to detect and control as more state and non state actors become involved and technologies become more accessible to a larger number of players."

Alyson J.K. Bailes, United Kingdom:

"This has been a struggle to find the best ideas for tackling a menace that truly deserves to be struggled over. Perhaps the greatest danger is to believe there is one siple answer: we need the courage to make it complex! "

Vasantha Raghavan, India:

"The dangers from WMDs are real. This Report shows the realistic way to make the world safe from them."



Cheikh Sylla, Senegal:

" An exercise in responsibility-building."

Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Jordan:

" More than ever before, the spectre of WMD proliferation threatens our world with MAD - mutually assured destruction. With this timely report, the WMD Commission is at the forefront of our collective efforts towards MAS - mutually assured survival. It is clear to us all at the centre of the nuclear proliferation danger zone, that implementing its recommendations is nothing short of an absolute necessity."

Comments by WMDC Chairman

Listen to comments by Dr. Hans Blix and his assessment of the report and the work of The Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission.

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