103 33 Stockholm
Telephone, secretariat:
+46 8 543 56 112/123
E-mail: [email protected]



The Commission has 14 members: the Chairman plus 13 Commissioners chosen by him. (See list for names and CV:s). Together they give the Commission a broad geographical and political base and represent a vast expert knowledge and political experience. 

They will not speak for the countries they come from but serve in their personal capacity and are expected to contribute their personal analysis, thoughts and proposals to the collective work of the Commission.

Hans Blix
Dewi Fortuna Anwar
Alexei G Arbatov
Marcos de Azambuja
Alyson Bailes
Jayantha Dhanapala
Gareth Evans
Patricia Lewis
Masashi Nishihara
William J. Perry
Vasantha Raghavan
Cheikh Sylla
Prince El Hassan bin Talal
Pan, Zhenqiang


Cheikh Sylla, (Senegal)
Ambassador Sylla serves as Senegal's ambassador to Burkina Faso and as Commissioner of UNMOVIC.

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