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Papers and studies provided to the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission

The Commission has tasked a number of individual researchers, academic institutions and “think tanks” to produce papers and studies on issues related to the Commission’s mandate. These may vary in depth and scope, ranging from comprehensive studies to brief papers providing just a short description of the situation and some proposal/s on how to reduce the dangers from WMD. They will serve as food for thought and provide ideas for the ongoing discussion within the Commission.

The papers and studies will be published at the Commission’s website as pdf-files, but some will also be available in print.
The fact that they have been commissioned by the WMDC and that they will be published at the Commission’s website does not necessarily indicate that the Commission submits to the findings of the studies and papers.

No 1: "Review of Recent Literature on WMD Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation"
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

No 2: "Improvised Nuclear Devices and Nuclear Terrorism"
Charles D Ferguson and William C Potter

No 3: "The Nuclear Landscape in 2004: Past Present and Future"
John Simpson

No 4: "Reviving the Non-Proliferation Regime"
Jonathan Dean

No 5: "Article IV of the NPT: Background, Problems, Some Prospects"
Lawrence Scheinman

No 6: "Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones: Still a Useful Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Tool?"
Scott Parrish and Jean du Preez

No 7: "Making the Non-Proliferation Regime Universal"
Sverre Lodgaard

No 8: "Practical Measures to Reduce the Risks Presented by Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons"
William C Potter and Nikolai Sokov

No 9: "The Future of a Treaty Banning Fissile Material for Weapons Purposes: Is It Still Relevant?"
Jean du Preez

No 10: "A Global Assessment of Nuclear Proliferation Threats"
Joseph Cirincione

No 11: "Assessing Proposals on the International Nuclear Fuel Cycle"
Jon B Wolfsthal  

No 12: The New Proliferation Game
William C. Potter

No 13: "Needed: a Comprehensive Framework for Eliminating WMD" Michael Krepon  

No 14: "Managing the Biological Weapons Problem: From the Individual to the International" Jez Littlewood

No 15: "Coping with the Possibility of Terrorist Use of WMD" Jonathan Dean

No 16: "Comparison of States vs. Non-State Actors in the Development of a BTW Capability"
Åke Sellström and Anders Norqvist 

No 17: "Deconflating "WMD"" George Perkovich

No 18: "The Global Governance of "Contentious" Science. The Case of the World Health's Organizations Oversight of the Small Pox Virus Research"
Jonathan B Tucker and Stacy M Okutani

No 19: "WMD Verification and Compliance: The State of Play" Foreign Affairs Canada, prepared by VERTIC  

No 20: "WMD Verification and Compliance: Challenges and Responses" Foreign Affairs Canada 

No 21: “Meeting Iran’s Nuclear Challenge” 
Gary Samore

No 22: “Bioterrorism and Threat Assessment”
Gary A. Ackerman and Kevin S. Moran

No 23: “Enhancing BWC Implementation: A Modular Approach” 
Trevor Findlay and Angela Woodward

No 24:  “Controlling Missiles”
Jonathan Dean

No 25: “On Not Confusing the Unfamiliar with the Improbable: Low-Technology Means of Delivering Weapons of Mass Destruction”
Dennis M. Gormley

No 26: “A Verification and Transparency Concept for Technology Transfers under the BTWC”
Jean Pascal Zanders  

No 27: ”Missing Piece and Gordian Knot: Missile Non-Proliferation”
Mark Smith

No 28: ”The Central Importance of Legally Binding Measures for the Strengthening of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC)”
Graham S. Pearson  

No 29: Russia in the PSI: The Modalities of Russian Participation in the Proliferation Security Initiative" Alexandre Kaliadine  

No 30: Indicators of State and Non-State Offensive Chemical and Biological Programmes" Edited by Ingrid Fängmark and Lena Norlander  

No 31: The 2005 NPT Review Conference: Reasons and Consequences of Failure and Options for Repair" Harald Müller  

No 32: National Measures to Implement WMD Treaties and Norms: the Need for International Standards and Technical Assistance" Andreas Persbo and Angela Woodward  

No 33: Russia and the Chemical Disarmament Process" Sergey Oznobistchev and Alexander Saveliev  

No 34: "Transparency and Secrecy in Nuclear Weapons" Annette Schaper  

No 35: "Multilateral Nuclear Fuel-Cycle Arrangements" Harald Müller   

No 36: "Nuclear Threat Perceptions and Nonproliferation Responses: A Comparative Analysis" Scott Parrish and William C Potter  

No 37: "WMD Crisis: Law Instead of Lawless Self-Help" Harald Müller  

No 38: "The Relevance of Gender for Eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction"
Carol Cohn with Felicity Hill and Sara Ruddick

No 39: The Influence of the International Trade
of Nuclear Materials and Technologies on
the Nuclear Non-proliferation Regime

Vladimir V. Evseev
No 40: "A Standing United Nations Verification Body: Necessary and Feasible"
Trevor Findlay

No 41: Learning from Past Success: The NPT and the Future of Non-proliferation
Jim Walsh       

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